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Wildlife Parks in Krabi

Wildlife National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Game Parks, State Parks and Wildlife Reserves of Krabi, Thailand. Click on the wildlife reserve, park or animal sanctuary to see more details.

Hat Noppharat Thara Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park

Krabi, Thailand

Wild Life: Thorn Coral, Cub Surface Coral, Leaf Coral and Tree Coral
Adventure: Snorkeling Diving, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Kayaking and Camping
Location: Amphur Muang Krabi
Nearest Town: Ban Khlong Haeng

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Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

Krabi, Thailand

Wild Life: Werow, Wild Pig, Panther, Clouded Leopard, Black Bear, Mouse Deer, Langur, Gibbon, Stump-tailed Monkey, Asiatic Wild Dog, Squirrel, Iorise, White-rumped Shama, Hornbill, Pheasant and Red Jungle Fowl
Adventure: Waterfall Traveling, Bird Watching, Trekking and Camping
Nearest Town: Krabi

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Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Krabi, Thailand

Wild Life: Tiger, Sea Cow, Barking Deer, Fishing Cat, Marshall Big Ear Crow Bat, Brahminy Kite, Birdled Tern, Emerald Dove, Orange-Breasted Trogon, Siberian Thrush, Little Spiderhunter, Water Monitor, Reticulated Python, Cobra, Giant Mountain Frog, Ornate Froglet, Polypedates Leucomystax, Small Toad, Dorria Fr
Location: Ko Klang District, Ko Lanta Noi District
Nearest Town: Ko Lanta Yai

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Than Bok Khorani National Park

Krabi, Thailand

Wild Life: Wild Boar, Fishing Cat, Mouse Deer, Gibbon, Langur, Large Indian Civet, Malayan Porqupine, Pangolin, Otter, Squirrel, Javan Mongoose, Flying Lemur, Brahminy Kite, Common Koel, White Breasted Waterhen, Hill Myna, Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail, Chameleon, Bengal Monitor, King Cobra, Cobra, Reticulated Pyth
Adventure: Picnicking, Trekking, Boating and Canoe Ride
Location: Amphur Ao Luk
Nearest Town: Ao Luk

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