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Iran: Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks

Your portal to wildlife tourism, wildlife adventure, holiday/vacation, expeditions and safaris in Iran! Explore all the Wildlife Parks, National Parks, Game Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, State Parks, Wildlife National Parks and Wildlife Reserves of Iran!

Pick a national park, wildlife reserve, or wildlife sanctuary. You can see a list of all parks/reserves/sanctuaries in Iran, or view them by state, by wildlife or by wildlife adventure.

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Featured Wildlife Parks & Wildlife National Parks of Iran

Below are some of the featured wildlife national parks, wildlife parks, game parks, wildlife sanctuaries, state parks, national parks and wildlife reserves of Iran. We select them on the basis of user rating and reviews as well as our own editorial discretion keeping in mind wildlife tourism, wildlife adventure, expedition and wildlife safari opportunites.

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More featured Wildlife Parks, National Parks, Game Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, State Parks and and Wildlife Reserves in Iran:

Central Alborz (Alborz-e-Markazi) Protected Area, Tehran and Mazandaran Provinces

Bazman Protected Area, Sistan & Baluchestan Province

Oshtoran Kooh Protected Area, Lorestan Province

Arjan Protected Area, Fars Province

Hamoon Protected Area, Sistan & Baluchestan Province

Hamoun Protected Area, Sistan & Baluchestan Province

Touran Protected Area, Semnan Province

Hormod Protected Area, Fars and Hormozgan Provinces

Mooteh Protected Area, Esfahan Province

Shadegan Wildlife Refuge, Khuzestan Province

Marakan Protected Area, West Azarbaijan Province

Kavir National Park, Semnan Province

Khoshyeylag Wildlife Refuge, Semnan Province

Arasbaran Protected Area, East Azarbaijan Province

Hara Protected Area, Hormozgan Province

Khabr-o-Ruchun Wildlife Refuge, Kerman Province

Kiamaky Wildlife Refuge, East Azarbaijan Province

Parvar Protected Area, Semnan Province

Golestan National Park, Golestan Province

Lake Urmia National Park, West Azarbaijan Province

Bamou National Park, Fars Province

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Featured Wildlife:

The Saker Falcon is a carnivore bird of open grassland. It usually hunts by horizontal pursuit, and feeds mainly on rodents. It usually builds no nest of its own, but lays its eggs on the ground or in an old nest in a tree which was previously used by other large birds....

Wildlife Parks with Saker falcon
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Popular wildlife adventures in Iran:

Wildlife safari 40 Wildlife Parks
Bird watching 38 Wildlife Parks
Trekking 8 Wildlife Parks
Climbing 6 Wildlife Parks
Hiking 6 Wildlife Parks
Mountaineering 6 Wildlife Parks
Boating 5 Wildlife Parks
Swimming 5 Wildlife Parks
Camping 2 Wildlife Parks
Fishing 2 Wildlife Parks
Diving 1 Wildlife Parks

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