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Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary, Orissa

User reviewed online profile of Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary: Orissa, India. Plan your adventure holiday to Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary armed with information and reviews provided by experts and by users. Find out about when to go, how to get there, what to do, best season to visit, its wildlife, habitat and much more...

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What to do in Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary:

Wild Life:Leopard, Tiger, Striped Hyena, Sambar, Wild Dog or Dhole, Indian Wolf, Sloth Bear, Chital, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Chowsingha (Four-Horned Antelope), Nilgai, Wildpig, Gaur, Elephant, Monitor Lizard, Chameleon, Terrapins, Snakes, Gharial, Mugger Crocodile, Fresh water turtle and poisonous and non-poisonous snakes Adventure:Bird safari, Jungle safari, Gharial breeding, Trekking

Where is Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary:

Region:Located in the District of Angul, Nayagarh, and Phulbani. Location:North from Phulboni District, Orissa, India

When & how to get to Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary:

Best Time to Visit:01-Oct to 07-Apr Getting There:From Angul on northern side (on NH 42): 30 km Nearest Town: Similia Nearest Airport:Jamshedpur Nearest Railway Station:Baripada and Angul

Where to stay (Lodges/Guest Houses/Camps/Resorts/Hotels):


In our Database: Hotels in and/or around Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary
Hotels in Similia
Hotels in Jamshedpur
Hotels in Baripada and Angul

Climate & Weather conditions in Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary:

Temp: 4.5 c to 47 c Rainfall: 1,300.00 cm Altitude:211 m

Other details about Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary:

Established:1976 Area:1,330 sq km Language:Oriya, Hindi and English

User Comments & Reviews of Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary:

SANDEEP GOSWAMI says:need FRH information at tikarpara,baghyamunda,twulka,puranacoat.

SANDEEP GOSWAMI says:need FRH information at tikarpara,baghyamunda,twulka,puranacoat.

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